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Bibadee Bobadee Lessons

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For centuries, fairytales with princesses, evil stepmothers, fairy godmothers, and magical aspects have been used to teach children life lessons in a way that reaches them on their level. Fairytales make learning captivating to young children and really who doesn't want to be a princess or have a fairy godmother!


Moral Tails

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Dating back to the sixth century BC, fables are story that use animals and other figures to teach children about morals. Unlike fairytales that make events seem magical, fables use furry, cute animals to show kids that doing the right thing, while not always easy, makes you a better person.

Seussically Educational!


Dr. Seuss. We hear that name and we are prone to think about a talking cat in a hat and an elephant that swears he hears people on a flower to name a few. The children’s stories, forty-four in fact, written by Dr. Seuss are timeless favorites that, with their bright colors and good humor, teach children lessons without them even realizing it.